Now this is a very common question from people who register a domain name from a website which was most likely found via a search engine. Perhaps the domain name was registered in a hurry to secure the name, perhaps there was a special offer on the registration of that domain name, after which the renewal price is increased more than expected, or maybe the person in question simply wants to move providers to consolidate all hosting and related services.

Either way, sometimes moving your domain name between providers is necessary. Once you know the process, it is an easy one, however there are different processes depending on the domain extension. So in this post, I will talk about these processes. I will say at this point though, that we at Intuition Hosting will carry out the domain name transfer to us if you so wish, as part of our managed service.

If you have an existing website on your domain name, the absolute first thing you should do is back up your website, just in case anything goes wrong at any stage during the transfer. Again, in our case, we would back up your website for you, so you don’t have to spend the time doing it, or learning how when you could be running your business.

So let’s talk about transferring UK domain names first. The most commonly used UK domain names are, and .uk. After your website (and the contents of any email mailboxes if applicable) is backed up and you’re happy with that, the first thing to do would be to create an account with your new provider, then to start the transfer, you log in to your existing provider’s control panel and change the IPS Tag of the domain name (if you wanted to move to us, you would change this to CLOUDNS). IPS Tags are usually in all capitals, with no spaces, just like this example.

Once the IPS Tag is changed, there will be a propagation period of usually 24 to 72 hours in which your UK domain name will transfer to your new provider and become available in their control panel when you register it within. As long as no DNS is changed at any point, your website and emails should still be up and running with whoever they’re hosted with. With that being said, we still always advise the backup of data as above, every time.

The transfer of UK domain names is usually a lot quicker than the transfer of the next type of domain name I’m going to talk about, TLDs (Top Level Domains). Most commonly used TLDs are extensions like .com, .org, .info or .net, for example. The process to transfer these between providers is different and there’s a bit more to it. Once again, we would handle this for you if you were transferring to us as part of our managed service.

So, as with UK domain names, we would recommend the first step would be to completely back up your website (and emails if needed). Once this is done and you’ve created an account with your new provider, you should request your existing provider to unlock your TLD for transfer, this will provide the authorisation code which you will need later. You will then log in to your new provider’s control panel and start the transfer-in of your TLD.

Once these steps have been completed, you will receive an email requesting the authorisation code from earlier, so the transfer of the domain name can be completed. It’s important to note that this email will always go to the Registrant Contact listed on the domain name, so it’s advisable to check this is correct before transferring. The Registrant is the individual or business who legally owns the domain name and that’s why the verification email can only go to that particular email address.

After the authorisation code has been confirmed and the domain name transfer commenced, there will be a period of up to 7 days in which the TLD will transfer and then become available for control via your new provider. Don’t worry about not having a website or emails during this period because your DNS records which relate to all hosting should still be intact.

Whilst it appears there is a lot to the transfer of a domain name, once you get used to the process, it’s usually very smooth. Either way, if you decide to move your hosting to us, if you want to, we will take care of this whole process for you including full backups and the transfer itself, so you can be safe in the knowledge that experienced professionals are handling things for you and you can continue to run your business.

Whether you decide to use us or not, I hope this post has proven useful for you if you are wondering how to transfer your domain name out.

Thanks for reading and stay safe,


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