Hi guys, my name’s Joe and I’m one of the founders of Intuition Hosting. In our first blog post, I just want to introduce ourselves and say hello (which you can also do at any time by emailing hello@intuitionhosting.co.uk!).

Intuition Hosting has come about because many of our clients over on Intuition Design need hosting and because myself and Charles, our co-founder, have extensive experience working with hosting every day and working in the hosting industry itself, so it’s safe to say that we have picked up a thing or two over the years!

To briefly bring this post back to the design side of things, we believe that design and hosting truly go hand-in-hand and they are a match meant to be. You could have the best looking website design planned, but without hosting, it could never be a reality and likewise, you could have a really powerful server to host websites on, but without a website, there wouldn’t be much going on for it. The match with design and hosting almost goes without saying, so Intuition Hosting had to happen.

Coming back to hosting, our vision for Intuition Hosting is to provide managed web hosting at an affordable price for any business. The most important word there for me is “managed”. There are many hosting providers who provide a good service, but do not offer the managed element of hosting, which is absolutely fine, but it can leave many small businesses in a tight spot if they try to amend their website, make a mistake and the website goes down (for example). This is because an unmanaged service, whilst technical support is usually provided, will not go in and fix the website for you to bring it back online. It would be completely down to the website owner to resolve issues like these.

So not only does managed hosting, in theory, alleviate issues like these much quicker, keeping your business’ website online for your customers to see, it also acts as a vessel for almost unrivalled customer service which we at Intuition Hosting can provide.

In my posts elsewhere, I often talk about customer service because of how important it is to me and on top of the service of managed hosting, I believe one of the most important things in delivering great customer service as a whole is communication. I believe the customer should be kept in the loop every step of the way and know exactly what goes in to resolving any issues, or finishing any work. So with the level of hosting service we provide, in combination with our customer service, I sincerely believe that Intuition Hosting is able to offer a service to compete with the big players in the hosting industry, and I know that from direct experience.

So enough waffling on from me, please browse our website and see what we have to offer and I hope you will choose Intuition Hosting as your next provider.

Thank you for reading and stay safe.


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